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The Killing Games-Prologue

Title: The Killing Games
Pairing: Kyuhyun-centric, potential pairings in the future
Genre: Serial Killer!AU
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, gore, language, murder, character death. NOT FLUFF
Summary: It started off as just a harmless accident, but it was fun, so he continued.

Kyuhyun was nothing special. He graduated from college top in his math class, but not top of his grade. He did well, just never well enough to be the valedictorian, never well enough for anyone to pay too much attention to him. He was good at math so he studied finances, didn’t necessarily like it but it would help pay the bills.

He became the Financial Manager of the bank almost too easily, a flash of his grades in math and finances and he was in. It said a lot about how good he was that he got in with no past experience. He was good, almost too good. The bank President knew that at any other bank Kyuhyun would work his way to the top easily and he needed him, needed him because someone had to watch his son when he retired. Kyuhyun was the best choice, a college student, fresh out of school, paid a decent amount, nothing anywhere near to what he deserved, but as long as Kyuhyun didn’t know that then there was no harm in paying him that meager salary.

Kyuhyun for his part knew he was good at what he did. He knew he could get up any day and move somewhere else, but he didn’t want to. The bank was close to the train station, close to his house. It offered flexible hours, left him plenty of time to get home early, play his games late into the night and still get enough sleep to work in the morning.

See, that was another thing about Kyuhyun. He was a gamer, a nerd one could almost say. Kyuhyun loved gaming, lived for StarCraft, for any game really, preferably those that involved gore. There was something fascinating about watching the screen in front of him get covered in some fake characters blood. It was almost hypnotizing the way the computer generated the cries, the broken limbs, the almost too real bones. If he looked long enough Kyuhyun could almost imagine that it was real blood, that they were real screams, that it was real pain that the characters felt.

Real pain.

There was something missing in Kyuhyun’s life and he could almost say it tied directly with pain. He didn’t know how, but it did. He could play StarCraft and Resident Evil and see pain that way, but it wasn’t enough. Watching made up characters die on screen just wasn’t what Kyuhyun wanted. Their pain wasn’t real. It brought him no satisfaction, no real way for him to say that his own desire for it was eased that way.

It wasn’t enough.

Not until that day.

Kyuhyun never meant to hurt anyone. He just wanted to get back home, wanted to lie down on his bed with the lights off, maybe drink something. He’d dealt with enough at the bank and all he wanted was to get home. That was all. Just get home, but that guy was in his way and just wouldn’t move, wouldn’t get out of the way. He was there, in Kyuhyun’s way, making him wait, making him late. He was going to miss his train because the man wouldn’t move…he just wouldn’t move. So, Kyuhyun shoved him out of the way. He just wanted to get into his train, wanted to maybe find a seat, relax on his way home from work.

He didn't mean any serious harm. He didn't mean for the man to completely lose his balance and fall over the railing, and keep falling until he hit the ground with a sickening thud. There were gasps and screams of shock and the police were called. There were questions asked, witnesses interrogated. Kyuhyun was even among the ones questioned.

“What did you see?”

“How did he fall?”

All answered with a shake of the head.

“I saw him fall.”

“I don’t know how. One minute I was walking to catch my train, the next I am hearing screams. I looked and there he was on the floor.”

There was no reason to keep him, no reason for anyone to suspect that he had been the one who bumped into the man. Human beings were fascinating creatures. They believed what they wanted to believe, saw only what they wanted to see. Human beings were fascinating because they just wouldn’t believe that someone had bumped into that man, wouldn’t believe that anyone would hurt another person even by accident. Human beings were fascinating because they were real and the pain they felt was real.

When they let him go Kyuhyun went home. He hid in his room, waiting for the guilt to hit him, but it never did. He was struck by the strangest feeling – the feeling of total and complete satisfaction. That man had been a hindrance, an annoyance, and Kyuhyun got rid of him, just like that. His problem was gone in an instant, with no negative side effects. He felt strong, powerful, in control.

And then there was the moment in the middle, the moment between the fall and the hit, the moment where Kyuhyun had looked into those eyes as he leaned over the railing. He had seen the eyes, wide open, searching…scared. The eyes…the eyes that seemed to hold everything Kyuhyun had ever wanted. The moment where those eyes had accepted that it was over, the moment where it became clear in that man’s head that he was going to die, that complete and utter way in which he gave over to the truth, to the fact that it was all over for him. One life…gone, eyes, heart, mind all wrapped around that.

It was beautiful.

It was liberating.

It was his freedom.

That man was his freedom, not because he was dead, but because he had accepted it, had accepted it before he hit the ground. That dead look in those eyes. That man had been dead before he hit the ground.

If Kyuhyun was truthful to himself then he would admit that he had hoped the man wouldn’t make it, that he would hit the ground and never get up, that he would be gone just like that to never bother him again. He would admit that he was running on an adrenaline high. He would admit that he wanted to feel it again, that complete power, that sense of being in control, that rush of excitement. He would admit that he wanted to try one more time, just to see, an experiment of sorts.

And he did.

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Tags: author: static_abyss, fic: the killing games, genre: serial killer!au, genre: thriller, member: kyuhyun, rating: r
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